Our Sister Business, Rye Beach Yoga: Events


In the same building as our market we have our yoga studio, Rye Beach Yoga. With 2-4 classes a day and our array of diverse and qualified instructors, there’s something for everyone. Check out our schedule HERE.



We have lots of events coming up between Rye Beach Market and Rye Beach Yoga. This Sunday, we have a Friendsgiving Flow and Feast Event:

Welcome the holiday season with an afternoon of friends, yoga, delicious food, and balance. This workshop will begin with a grounding and detoxifying yoga flow for all levels. After blissing out in shavasana, you will be served a light seasonal lunch, all prepared by Kristen, our Assistant Cook at Rye Beach Market! Kristen will then serve a yogi tea and treat to enjoy as she leads a discussion on lifestyle habits that help maintain balance through the holiday season.

The mind and body are intrinsically connected and adapting simple lifestyle habits will support your bodies function through seasonal changes. Not only will you learn in this workshop but you will celebrate and have fun!  $35 per person.

Workshop will include:

60 Minutes of All Levels Flow
Vegan & plant based seasonally prepared lunch using farm fresh ingredients
Discussion on grounding and balancing lifestyle habits to adapt through the end of fall into winter
Tea and Treat
Delicious Recipes for the food enjoyed
Friends, Fun, and Laughter!



Check out more of our events at ryebeachyoga.com