Kohv Eyewear

The sun still shines through the autumn weather! We carry an amazing line of sunglasses from our friends at Kohv Eyewear. Not only are these sunglasses all polarized AND affordable, they’re also super fashionable with many different styles for men and women. Come by Rye Beach Market and check em out!


Check their website out at www.Kohveyewear.com

“What started out as our average summer days on the lakes of New Hampshire turned into a family business opportunity.

Hey there! We’re Nate and Bryan; brothers in-law and business partners. When we met over 15 years ago, starting a business together was always a dream of ours. We both worked the corporate lifestyle, and when push came to shove, we knew we wanted to have our families grow up around the lakes of New Hampshire. It’s all about quality of life these days, right? Sometimes the answer you’ve been looking for is right in front of your eyes. We realized that the sunglass industry was missing a crucial piece; fashionable sunglasses with high quality lenses at an affordable price point.  We started Kohv Eyewear with that mission in mind, and we are thrilled to bring our vision to you. Every pair in our collection was designed and inspired by our lifestyle and the people in it.  Thanks for checking us out and as we like to say here at KOHV, “SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT” “

Wine Tasting!

On Friday, September 28, we will have slightly extended hours for our Wine Tasting 4-6 pm! Come try some local and not-so-local wines we carry in-store and enjoy some healthy snacks prepared by our chef while you do so. Our coffee bar and smoothie bar will be open during the event, as well as our market, where we sell healthy foods, eco-friendly cleaning products and household items, and more! Come check us out!